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What makes a real Karate Champion?

Australian Shukokai students are trained to be true 'champions'

Many of our students win gold medals, however we teach them about much more, we teach them humility, we teach them how to be humble in life and grateful for all they achieve

Karate is the practice of martial arts. Martial arts development and practice teaches the following;

  • determination
  • strength of character
  • gratitude
  • confidence
  • self-control and;
  • patience

With these qualities comes a sense of obligation to pass on to others, as well as other dojos these learned skilled; stressing the art of humility and kindness.

No other physical discipline can come close to karate or the teachings of Ennio.

If we look at the teachings of spiritual organisations and religions, they strive to impart these qualities on their communities, but karate is unique it not only helping to develop such strong qualities, but enhancing physical abilities that usually require a multitude of sports to develop.


Of mind, body and spirit

Shukokai karate students improve:

  • coordination
  • muscle tone
  • cardio vascular conditioning
  • hand eye coordination
  • balance
  • flexibility
  • timing and rhythm

Complex neural pathways in the brain are developed through the study of karate and therefore give students an advantage over other physical sports.

Hockey and soccer, stress teamwork and agility, but Ennio teaches patience and a desire to help others. Boxing and jujitsu may provide excellent conditioning and self defense, but they do not teach you humility, empathy, loyalty, patience, respect and above most gratitude. Ennio teaches students not only how to compete at club levels, but state and national levels as many students before them. Although many students win gold medals, he teaches them about more than just winning gold, he teaches them humility and how to be humble in life and grateful for all they achieve. All his students look up to him and should you meet any of the students currently studying under Ennio, you will understand why they are humble, grateful and respectful to all who enter the dojo.

Shukokai Karae Champions

Karate should not be viewed as simply a sport, rather a way of learning, thinking and above all behaving; Karate is a way of life!